Steve Melia

Meet the Author, STEVE MELIA

Steve Melia, is an author, comedian, network marketer, philanthropist and a world record breaking baseball fanatic. Steve holds the world record for attending 176 consecutive Yankee games over the 2011-2012. And then he did it again in 2018 season. He now is the only person who has completed the 162 journey twice. His first book 162: The Almost Epic Journey of a Yankees Super Fan is about his fanatical quest and the power of having a dream. 

Steve is a highly sought out after inspirational speaker who focuses on the power of goal setting while using humor to relate to his audiences. In 2016 Steve launched the 162 experience a podcast about success in business, sports and live with a goal to inspire viewers to live their dreams. 



In a world that can be sarcastic and jaded, Steve Melia presents a powerful tribute to his brother Jim that will challenge each reader to reconsider their “why”.  And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love baseball?

Jeff Bell

CEO, LegalShield

Every game? That fan did something AMAZING!

John Sterling

Voice of NY Yankees, CBS Radio

A power-packed instant classic. I love this book!

Greg S. Reid

Author, "Think & Grow Rich" series

Steve is back at it again.  This time with a heartwarming story about a fan and his quest to say goodbye to his brother through the game of baseball.  I hope you enjoy reading this tale as much as I enjoyed being a small part of the adventure.

Bald Vinny

Bleacher Creatures, NY Yankees