Ep 36~Leading LegalShield Into The Furture

 CEO Jeff Bell discusses how he is leading LegalShield into the future.

CEO Jeff Bell Leading LegalShield into the future

We sit down and get personal with my great friend & mentor, CEO of LegalShield, Jeff Bell, to discuss how he is leading LegalShield into the future.  Some of you know that I have been an independent associate with LegalShield for almost twenty years, so I was confident that I would be able to lead a unique interview with this business icon.

Less then four years ago LegalShield hired Jeff Bell and the almost 5 decade old company has seen unprecedented growth ever since. I am excited to sit down and find out how and why he believes that he is just getting started.

First I wanted you to get to know the man, his background and what makes him tick. (1:58)

He opens the interview up by discussing losing his father in a plane crash as a young college student and how that inspired him to live a greater life and to follow his father’s footsteps and become a leader.

Jeff details his early career at Ford Motor Company, which eventually led him to want to make history leading Chrysler. He shares the ideas behind the creation and the branding of the Jeep Wrangler 4-door, Chrysler 300 and the Grab life by the horns campaign. (3:36)

Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Bell’s stories are compelling as he takes us into the boardroom where creative ideas like how giving away gallons of ice cream was a genius idea to sell cars. (7:50)

Bell explains that through his passion for technology and following a mentor gave him the chance to lead Microsoft and work directly with Bill Gates as a VP in charge of XBOX, which included launching Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Xbox Live. It was very cool listening to Jeff tell stories like Bill Gates introducing him to Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix, whom he got to work with as well. (8:08)

He half jokes that his “mid-life crisis” inspired a career change that started his venture capitalist business specializing in software. (15:43) 

“Mark Twain says, ‘The two most important dates are the day that you are born and the day that you find out why,'” -Jeff Bell quotes (19:06)

His passion shines through as he tells us how he went “undercover” while attending the LegalShield company convention in Las Vegas as a guest, which made him realize his why and give him a chance to do something powerfully positive for society.

“The people that I met were so passionately enthusiastic about protecting people and giving them access to justice as well as empowering entrepreneurs. I knew I found my home.”

He shares his ideas on how he’s help implement positive change in leading LegalShield and breaking many of the companies records, including paying the sales force a record 125 million last year.

“I’ll never rest on my laurels. We want every citizen to live free. We put a law firm and a private investigator in the palm of our member’s hands with our mobile app.” -Jeff Bell with clear conviction

Early in the interview I light-heartedly compare Jeff to Yankee manager, Aaron Boone who had no prior experience in managing at any level. Although Jeff’s had massive corporate leadership experience , he readily admits that he was a novice to network marketing. While quickly applying his student mindset and his eagerness to learn, we talk about what the transition to network marketing was like for him and he explains why he believes that LegalShield is MLM perfected.

He addresses industry negatives such as pyramids, inventory front-loading, paying for recruiting, and why he resigned from the DSA.

He lights up while speaking how the best associates are part-time associate that may serve another purpose in their day jobs, but serve themselves and their dreams with their home-based business. He adds the what makes LegalShield special and different from other companies is the power of residual income and how ordinary folks are able to build a fortune.

Bell discusses what he learned from Bill Clinton about human relationships and how entrepreneurs crave motivation, edification, recognition and respect.

We conclude by discussing the biggest challenges he’s faced, failure being part of the process and what to do when you make a mistake.

This episode is an excellent opportunity to get to know the CEO of LegalShield, one of the fastest growing company in North America today. I hope you enjoy us taking you inside the mind of a marketing genius and a true modern day business pioneer.

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Live Your Dreams,

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