EP. 33   “Be an ‘Ask’hole”

Jack Canfield teaches us the importance of being an “ask”hole.

Super excited to have Jack Canfield on The 162 Experience!

This has been a goal of mine since reading Success Principles and launching the podcast in April of 2016.

Success Principles is simply the best book that I have personally read on all different aspects of success. Having the opportunity to interview Jack Canfield is a testament to the fact that HIS IDEAS WORK.

We had a limited time of 15 minutes in his busy schedule so we jumped right in he and never slowed down of offering real-life advice, sharing some of his early days as a school teacher in Chicago and even saying how he wish that we was going on the 162 tour with us!

You always hope that when you meet someone that you admire and with Jack’s track record of success, they are as kind as you hope. Jack was all that and more as he even did a quick commercial for our 162 HR Challenge. He even did it in one take.

Initially, I had a chance to ask him about goals and specifically on a goal they we are working on.

“Goals are really important, because without goals, you’ll end up working for other people who have them. So you are never really are fulfilling your own vision, desires and dreams. Only 3% are ever taught how to set goals and so we wonder why most people are average, it’s because they’ve never learned how to design their future.” -Jack Canfield

We also asked Jack about how he gets his day started. You’ll want to hear about his hour of power in this episode that includes meditation, visualization, being grateful and good old fashioned exercise.

Jack gets personal as he shares a little about being raised in West Virginia by alcoholic parents and what he had to overcome to be one of the most successful authors and success coaches of our time.

Jack discusses his Rule of 5, “Everyday you do 5 specific action steps towards your most important goal, so by the end of the year you’ve taken over 1500 acts toward completing that goal. I don’t care how big a tree is, if you hit a it over 1500 times, it will eventually come down.”

We had a chance to talk about Jack’s relationship with co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, author Mark Victor Hansen. He talks about their quest to sell 1 billion copies of Chicken Soup books and Mark’s enthusiasm.

In addition, Jack Canfield teaches how important it is to ask for what you want. He explains how he coined the term, “Askhole.” This is someone who constantly asks for and eventually gets what they want.

We also had a chance to talk about the critically acclaimed movie the Secret, in which Jack was a featured teacher. Jack talks about the law of attraction, and how “action” is the most important part of that law.

He ends by telling us what he would do differently if he had to do it all over again, from asking more girls out (he was super shy during his younger days) to begin meditating an earlier age.

This episode is so powerful that you may want to watch it over and over to get the full impact.


Live Your Dreams,

Steve & Marybeth