EP. 32   “The Rising Tide”

What better way to kick off Season 2 then to catch up with entrepreneur Mike Melia.

Welcome back to The 162 Experience!


We have Mike Melia for the kickoff of season 2 of The 162 Experience.

Nobody has been more influential and more of a mentor and friend to me than my older brother, Mike.

It was fun getting to interview Mike. I know him as well as anyone and did my best to draw his wisdom out for the viewers.


The Rising Tide & Mike’s Path To Success & 

He shares his path to success starting with opening the first natural food store, The Rising Tide, in Long Island, NY, on a $5,000 investment, and turning it into over $1 million in annual revenue in just a few short years.

Mike continued his entrepreneurial spirit making his fortune in network marketing. A defining moment for Mike was when he was asked by his mentor Robert Fritz.

“What do you care the most about that you’d dedicate your life to?” -Robert Fritz

When asked about the path of success and failure, Mike encourages viewers that it is natural to feel tension or conflict when going after their dreams and goals and to stay true to their vision.


Mike touches on:

  • the law of associations,
  • having a system dependent business
  • staying out of your comfort zone

Mike shares that the three biggest benefits of building his network marketing empire have been

  1. getting to live the time-freedom lifestyle
  2. the ability to touch so many with value-driven services
  3. the diversity of the people that he gets to associate with regularly.

“The hidden gold are the people.” -Mike Melia

Mike compares SUCCESS in network marketing to MEETING GIRLS.

“Fancy lines are for idiots.  You have to work through your comfort zone issues and talk to lots of people. If you get rejected, so what.” -Mike Melia



His BIGGEST CHALLENGE was getting over his negative self doubts.  “It took a while for that nagging negativity to finally go away.”

He credits his mentors, Robert Fritz, John Milton Fogg and Jim Rohn for helping him turn his life around.

We had Mike Melia join us on The162 Experience before.  Check out his past episode: “The Grateful Day“.

We hope you will love Mike, his message and the entire season 2 of The 162 Experience that we have in store for you.

Live Your Dreams,

 Steve & Marybeth