EP. 35   “Be The Change”

Learning more about this noble cause with Disty & Matt of Fill My Basket.

As many things are in life we met the founders of Fill My Basket by accident.

We were having lunch in Oklahoma City at The Manhattan and had a chance to meet the executive chef, Disty Simpson. We learn the story of how he and Matthew Danuser founded Fill My Basket, an organization that raises money to randomly go out and pay peoples grocery bill. They inspire people to ‘be the change’.

We instantly hit it off and asked them to sit down with The 162 Experience and share their story.

Although the two grew up together, with the busyness of life were only seeing each other at the funerals of friends. After both seeing the same video, on random acts of kindness, on the same day and reading each other’s posts, the two got together and came up with the idea of Fill My Basket.

During the interview, I learned that these two are fully aware of how people struggle to put food on the table and wanted to do something about it, they want to ‘be the change’ and inspire others to do the same.

“Fill my basket is us paying it forward to complete strangers. Going to a grocery store and getting behind somebody, waiting for the bill, paying it and walking away.”

They share the story of how at first they would pool their money, but eventually inspired their community and people from all over the world to contribute.

Making a Difference is an  Adrenaline Rush

Matthew shares the rush that he gets as he describes his heart beating faster as they go out in their community to make a difference.

“Its truly about starting a movement of people wanting to stop what they are doing and wanting to help others,” – Matthew Danuser as emotions begin to get the best of him.

They go into the detail on how their team sets up the location, picks the families and deliver the goods, while catching it all on video.

“We want to catch it video to inspire others to also do random acts of kindness. We are all so focused on our own needs and we want to remind people to do good. I feel blessed to be part of this. We just want to start a movement of people helping people,” -Danuser

“The biggest part for us is the feeling that we get and share with us when we give.” -Disty attributes how being kind has changed their lives

The philanthropic duo goes on to discuss their rough upbringing in OKC, and how those experiences made them want to simply help people.

Their biggest challenge is that they are growing so fast and they can’t keep up with the demand and the inquiries they are receiving from around the world.

“The goal is to be able to do this full-time and wake up everyday and help people.”

They share how they are currently looking to get the word out with the #Bethechange challenge. This is where people go out and do random acts of kindness and post it using #bethechange and then nominate two friends.

We at The 162 Experience were inspired by the founders of Fill My Basket and believe that you will be as well.

Their enthusiasm and desire to do random acts of kindness were touching. #Bethechange

Live Your Dreams,

Steve & Marybeth